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VisualBasic namespace. First you will need to add references to Microsoft.

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Framework and Microsoft. GamerServices to your project. After that, use the following code:. Notice that the returned value will be an empty string when the CANCEL button is clicked or when the user does not enter any value and simply clicks the OK button. Another restriction is that the dialog will automatically be closed if the application enters the background e. In those scenarios, a more suitable approach is to use the InputPrompt class available is the coding4fun controls toolkit for Windows Phone.

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After the installation, restart Visual Studio and you will be able to use the InputPrompt class. With this approach, the dialog will still remain open when the user leaves the application and comes back, which is better than using the BeginShowKeyboardInput method. Take note that this will only work if the user returns to the application by holding the BACK key and selecting the application icon.

If the user clicks on the application icon in the Start menu, due to a restriction in the Windows Phone 7 SDK, the application will be restarted from the beginning and the input prompt will no longer be shown.

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On Windows Phone 8, the user can also return to the input prompt using the Start menu icon if the following modification is added to the task entry in the WMAppManifest. For more information on the customizations that can be done on the InputPrompt class, refer to this. A tough developer who likes to work on just about anything, from software development to electronics, and share his knowledge with the rest of the world.

Your email address will not be published. One thing to be aware of when using the input dialog is that it is not synchronous.

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You might expect that your game will stop running while the dialog is open, but this is not the case: There might be some useful aspects to this—for example, it will allow you to keep your music and sound effects generating. In terms of the game, however, you might want to have this pause while the dialog is open. We can achieve this very easily by checking the Guide. IsVisible property which you already saw in Listing 3.

How to get user Input from a Popup in Windows Phone

If this returns true , skip updating the game objects or any other game logic during that call to Update. Once the function returns false , the dialog has closed, and updates can be resumed once again. Windows Phone 7: Windows Phone 8: Security Software Imaging devices. Prompting the User to Enter Text The Keyboard object provides a simple way to read the keyboard for controlling a game, but if you want your user to enter text it is generally not the best approach. Figure 1. Example 3.

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