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  1. T-Mobile ending support for its Windows phone app on August 25th - TmoNews
  2. T-Mobile will no longer support its Windows app by end of August
  3. Samsung Galaxy S8
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T-Mobile ending support for its Windows phone app on August 25th - TmoNews

Please try your search again later. Compare with similar items. Lumia , Black Verizon Wireless. Product information Product Dimensions 2. Customer Reviews 3. For warranty information about this product, please click here. Feedback If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Would you like to tell us about a lower price? See questions and answers. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. Customer images. See all customer images. Read reviews that mention sim card nokia lumia battery life easy to use wifi calling great phone front facing facing camera entry level highly recommend touch screen live tiles great price even though windows phones samsung galaxy user friendly bang for the buck front facing camera much better.

Showing of 3, reviews. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Let me first start of by saying, this is an amazing phone! I bought it as a cheap entry into Windows Phone 8, and I'm completely blown away. I wasn't expecting this.

This phone was going to be something I use as a backup, but I'm currently using this as my daily driver, and I love it!

T-Mobile will no longer support its Windows app by end of August

Let me also say, that I'm not new to the world of smart phones. I've been on every phone carrier, and tried every platform except for WP8 until now. My most recent love has been the pureness of the LG Nexus 4. The fact that I'm impressed with this budget device is no small thing. Unlike Android phones that continue to drain heavily even without use. The phone also charges fairly quickly since the battery only rated at mAH.

Remember the days of the old Nokia 's?

Samsung Galaxy S8

You could drop those things over and over again without worry. I have nearly the same confidence in this phone. Something you definitely don't see in other phones these days. The phone even has a good weight to it. Not the light, cheapy feeling you get from some Samsung devices. I was very pleased to see one on the Scratch or crack a back?

No problem! Replace it. Hopefully there will be some 3rd party support here making other colors and designs. I haven't had the need for it yet, but I can't tell you how many battery pulls I've had to do with some of my Android phones. I like knowing that if I ever have to reset my phone, I'm just a pop of the cover away. Even the buttons come off with the cover! This means if you ever have wear on the buttons, it'll be replaced with the new cover you put on there as well. I was glad to see that this transferred even down to their entry level It's also a 2-stage button. However, considering the 5mp limitation, I was very impressed with its quality.

Even in low lighting, images are very acceptable. Then I tried using this to play some music from Pandora, and wow. It really caught me off guard. It can get really loud without distorting. There are phones that cost 3x this that don't even give you the expandable storage option. Other phones in this price segment don't give you anything close to 8 gigs internal space. There are other great things about this phone, but these are just the things that stand out.

You can't touch this screen without leaving smudges. It's just impossible. Higher end phones use a glass that's gone through anti-smudge treatment to prevent this. Wipe your screen more often, or put an anti-smudge screen protector and you're problems are solved. No biggie. I only use LED flash on my other phones as a flash light. Everyone knows that those tiny lights don't do crap to help dark photos anyways. Stop reading my review here, and go buy this thing! You won't find a better value anywhere else.

Prior to purchasing this phone, I stood by the Nexus 4 as being one of the best value's on the market, but Nokia is really putting a different spin on things. Here you have up to date hardware with an up to date OS at a 3rd of the competition's cost. Also I'm currently using this on Straight Talk. You just have to be sure you're using a T-Mobile compatible Micro-Sim. I also had to enter the APN setting manually. After just putting my sim in, I could receive calls and texts, but no data service. I still can't get over what an awesome deal this is.

I can honestly say, that the differences between this phone and those other 2 "Flagship" phones don't justify the price difference. I still switch to his regularly, and the only thing I miss or feel I'm sacrificing is the screen quality resolution and technology. The differences aren't even all sacrifices! The at times feels quicker and less buggy than my S4 although credit must go to WP8 for that , and the rear speaker is louder.

I just have a few other notes to share: Battery - I love the battery life that I'm getting with this I have this phone linked to my business Exchange account, and use this phone for work regularly so the is being used fairly heavily.

Nokia Lumia 925

I suppose I must also credit WP8 for some of that. I did have that battery sucking bug that another reviewer experienced as well. This had me really freaked out at first.

After half an hour of testing, I found the culprit to be a bad app. Pretty simple fix: Problem solved. I didn't even have to wipe my phone or clear it of any data other than removing the bad app. Loud Speaker - Man.

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The rear loud speaker on this phone is amazing. I wouldn't say the quality is as good as the Beats Audio on my HTC One, but it may very well be the loudest speaker among my large phone collection. For anyone looking at this phone thinking that it's just a cheap phone to settle on, let me assure you, this is an AMAZING value, and you won't be disappointed. You absolutely won't find a better deal than the If Nokia did more advertising in the US, the would kill sales of many more popular devices out there.

I truly hope the pushes the market to create more budget friendly devices with fewer sacrifices just as Nokia managed to do. Verified Purchase. My wife's Lumia developed a problem with the charging port just before we were leaving for Europe so I got one of these for her while I sent the for repair. The was back before we were, no charge.

Just use the Nokia site. Got it in two days using Amazon Prime for over double the current price but don't regret it. We had very limited data in Europe but that did not detract from the main use: Try to do that before you need it if data or wifi is limited. But after getting the license, drive and maps worked great. Another advantage of the Windows Phone 8 version is that you can go to here. You can find places and add them to collections which then will show up as favorites on Nokia Drive and maps on the phone automatically as long as you use the same Microsoft account for both the web and phone.

Pretty cool. So, I could plan our trip ahead and add locations we wanted to visit, or hotels and didn't have to add them manually on the phone. As a phone, it works great.

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See phonearena and the article quoting Microsoft concerning the future of Microsoft phones. I'm optimistic there will be a Microsoft solution in the future. But with different news tomorrow I could be pessimistic again. Seems best case is we see something in a couple years. Hell Is Freezing Over: Apple Brings iTunes to the Windows 10 Store.

Hell Is Freezing Over, Part 2: It was tested with Snapdragon and these are the only Windows phones that have them. No interest what so ever in IOS or Android. Windows Phone Is Not Dead. Speaking to BI in an interview, Belfiore briefly discussed the future of Windows phones, and although no specifics were provided, he denied reports claiming that Windows Phone as a platform was dead.

Warranty & Support

The latest flagships were launched in October , while Windows 10 Mobile was offered as a supported update only to approximately 50 percent of its device lineup. Does this mean that new phones running Windows should be expected anytime soon? Or maybe Windows 10 Mobile is also getting a major update? Microsoft's Windows 10 mobile plans are becoming clearer.

Microsoft's mobile business has been in continuous decline for some time now , and the company's silence over the future of its smartphone efforts has frustrated even its most ardent fans. A big question mark continues to hang over Windows 10 Mobile, after the company axed its support for all but 13 devices , and broke away development of the mobile OS from the rest of Windows 10 into a separate 'feature2' branch , which has so far seen no new features or significant improvements in recent builds. This has led to a great deal of speculation over Microsoft's plans for Windows 10 Mobile, and many have questioned whether or not the company still intends to launch its much-rumored 'Surface phone' , given the continued dominance of Android and iOS in the mobile market.

Today, Brad Sams posted details gleaned from well-placed sources regarding Microsoft's plans. From my own sources, I can confirm at least some of the information that he posted, and I can also add some further details to what he revealed. Two independent sources inside of Microsoft have told me that there is a new hardware device being tested internally and that there is also a separate branch of Windows Mobile for this device.

I have heard the same information regarding a new mobile device being actively tested, although details regarding the actual hardware have been vague and far from concrete. As recently as three weeks ago, I was told that Microsoft has also been testing new Windows 10 builds on existing high-end third-party hardware, including HP's Elite x3.

Additionally, the UI is expected to be different than what we know today as Windows Mobile but the exact changes are still evolving as we are in the early days of development of this experience.

My understanding, from three separate sources, is that this new 'mobile experience' being tested isn't a new Windows 10 Mobile branch, but rather the 'full' Windows 10 OS with a UX scaled for mobile devices. CSHELL an abbreviation of 'composable shell' will eliminate the need for the separate Windows 10 Mobile shell that is currently used on smartphones. Twice in the last six weeks, I've seen CSHELL builds running on Windows phones, looking a lot like Windows 10 Mobile, but with some noticeable differences, including changes to the notification center, and some tweaks to the Start screen and apps list.

The builds I've seen were both at an extremely early stage of development, and while they were both usable, it was clear that they were far from feature-complete, and still in need of a lot more work. As that development continues, it's likely that the UX will change, particularly given Microsoft's recent announcement of its new Fluent Design System , which did not feature anywhere in the OS builds that I have seen.

Microsoft hasn't shared its plans for CSHELL, but what we know dovetails with information that the company has publicly announced. In December, Microsoft revealed plans to bring full Windows 10 to next-generation ARM devices, with support for x86 desktop apps through emulation. But as the company continues to phase out its support for existing Windows phones with major Windows 10 updates - and with vanishingly few hardware partners continuing to support Windows 10 Mobile as well - its CSHELL development efforts point to a longer-term vision for mobile devices.

When you combine CSHELL with the Windows 10 on ARM announcement, and add in the knowledge about the company working on new mobile hardware, the bigger picture begins to come together, aligning with the recurring rumors of a 'new class' of powerful mobile device, building on Microsoft's PC-like Continuum vision for mobile devices. But that's only part of the story - for those who currently own Windows 10 Mobile handsets, there are still many questions to be answered about how that future will play out for them.

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The answers to those questions are currently less clear, at least based on the information that I've been provided. In February, Microsoft committed to releasing further Windows 10 Mobile builds "beyond the Creators Update" , and it's honored that promise with its recent 'feature2' Insider Preview builds. However, two separate sources have told me that feature2 is effectively the 'end of the road' for Windows 10 Mobile, and that the decision to split its development away from the main Redstone 3 Development Branch reflects that reality. Both sources likened feature2 to the Windows Phone 7.

One of those sources added that feature2 will eventually roll out as an update for all supported Windows 10 Mobile handsets although I've been unable to independently corroborate that , and that it will include new features - perhaps including Night Light and the new Continuum improvements that Microsoft previously announced, among other additions. Separately, Microsoft's Brandon LeBlanc publicly revealed this month that new "features for enterprise customers" are coming "later this summer".

Two sources have also indicated to me that they don't expect any further feature updates to Windows 10 Mobile beyond feature2 , suggesting that the company will focus more heavily on CSHELL and Windows 10 on ARM after that point, while continuing to 'maintain' Windows 10 Mobile with security updates and other fixes.

At its Build developer conference, Microsoft said that the Fall Creators Update will come to Windows 10 Mobile , but that update may still come from the feature2 branch, rather than the RS3 update that will roll out to PCs and other devices under the same Fall Creators Update name sometime around September. No-one that I've spoken to has yet been able to offer a definitive answer regarding Microsoft's plans for supporting existing handsets in the longer run. While Microsoft has been testing Windows 10 CSHELL builds on some existing devices, that's no guarantee that those devices will be officially upgraded; Microsoft may well prefer a completely clean slate, only supporting its updated Windows 10 experience on entirely new mobile hardware.

Brad also reported today that Microsoft may discontinue support for Silverlight apps on mobile devices running the updated OS, so it certainly seems the company is open to leaving behind at least some of the mobile platform's existing assets, and moving on to newer, greener pastures. I assume Microsoft must compete in the mobile market for the long term health of the company business.

I think if that is true, we are bound to see something new, another attempt, at some point.