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Why you should buy a QWERTY keyboard phone over a touch screen only phone

  1. Sprint still sees demand for phones with qwerty keyboards
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LG Phones for Verizon. Unlocked Blackberry Phones. Unlocked HTC Phones. Sanyo Phones for Sprint. Sanyo Phones for Boost Mobile. Samsung Phones for Boost Mobile. Palm Phones for Sprint. Samsung Phones for Verizon. Blackberry Phones for Boost Mobile. Why you should buy a QWERTY keyboard phone over a touch screen only phone When touch screen phones were first introduced, everyone was in delight over how cool, innovative and high-tech they were.

Sprint still sees demand for phones with qwerty keyboards

That was true and still is, even more so now than in the past. In fact, more often than not, practicality, comfort and ease of use is way more important than nifty tricks, especially if you are trying to reply fast to an urgent message.

Unfortunately, touch screen phones can fail in such situations, while phones with physical keyboards do pretty well. You stumble on a crack in the sidewalk, your thumb jerks and lightly touches a wrong key and bam, you have a typo. The same goes for typing in means of communication. However, when the vehicle is jumping up and down, hitting the wrong key is just a matter of time. In a nutshell, it means that if you repeat certain action often enough, your body learns how to do it without even thinking about it.

Typing on a virtual keyboard is a nightmare for users with long fingernails. In order to respond to touch, such keyboard requires contact with skin, which means that you have to find the right angle to avoid scratching the screen with your fingernails.

The Year in Tech, in One Word

Things get even more complicated on cold days when you wear gloves. Some smartphones have screens that can be operated with gloved hands but they are in the minority. In the vast majority of cases you have two choices when you need to text outside on a cold day — find a warm place to take your gloves off to type, or risk freezing your fingers off typing in the cold. Virtual keyboards require a certain degree of dexterity and a steady hand for accurate typing.

However, as you get older, your joints become stiffer, move slower and every now and then your fingers may tremble causing you to hit the wrong key. If it happens often, you will probably want to avoid texting. Using a QWERTY keyboard significantly reduces the risk of getting your account blocked if you enter a wrong password, not to mention the time you will be saving correcting autocorrect. Speaking of saving time, many buttons on a physical keyboard can be programmed to act as shortcuts to your favorite apps or to perform certain actions. For instance, you can press and hold down a button and the phone will initiate a call to your significant other.

This way you just save a few seconds on swiping through your contacts. If you program your keyboard the right way, you may earn quite a lot of precious time. As it happens, virtual keyboards and poor eye-hand coordination plus blurred vision and slower thinking can be a dangerous mix which may end up in a fail of epic proportions when you try to text someone. So, if you are on a night out and drinking, use a phone with a physical keyboard — you will face less embarrassment the next day. And the truth is that physical keyboards feel great. Whatever the reason, using a handset with a physical keyboard, you simply develop a sort of personal relationship with it which is not possible when tapping on a flat, cold surface of a touchscreen.

Well, it is true. But then again, when you do, a virtual keyboard takes up at least half of the screen, especially in smaller devices.

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It has to, since the keys need to be bigger to allow for more accurate typing. BlackBerry came up with a perfect solution — the company equipped one of its phones, the Priv, with a slider keyboard. If you don't need apps or games and you can live without fast, robust access to the Net from your cell phone, then a smartphone might be expensive overkill. All four of the major U. In this Ask Maggie, I offer some advice to a reader who is looking for one of these phones.

It's the worst telephone I've ever owned. I have no intention of going to the iPhone 5 regardless of what's written about it. Although I get ok service here in the house I don't need a "smartphone" I have 2 computers - one PC and one Mac laptop and I have WiFi, so I don't need a handheld device to find places or play games or watch anything on the Internet or Google while I'm in restaurants or in the car. I might add that I was in the telecom industry for nearly 25 years I worked for Sprint and MCI when there was an MCI and the carriers are among the most rapacious greedy corporate enterprises I've ever gotten close to!

Stepping off my soapbox now. In your opinion, what's the best phone that's just a phone? I don't need to do anything but make and receive calls and do texting. I don't care about browsing or email or anything else.

The 9 Best Text Messaging Phones to Buy in

I just need a telephone that's simply a phone thank you very much! While there are definitely more people switching from basic cell phones to smartphones these days, I know there are lots of people out there in your same shoes. Smartphones offer tons of functionality that many people now feel like they can't live without, but the reality is that all that functionality and that ubiquitous access to the Internet is pricey. In some ways, I think it's kind of surprising that there aren't more people asking me for this same advice. The carriers recognize that there is a subset of customers who have no interest in a smartphone because it's either too complicated or too expensive.

But the reality is that each of these carriers see their future in data. And they will do everything in their power to encourage as many customers as possible to sign up for smartphones that require data plans. Overtime, I expect to see fewer of the more basic devices. But for now, carriers still offer a handful of basic phones that are either free or cost very little when you sign up for a two-year contract.

The great thing about these basic phones is that they are inexpensive.

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The carriers either give them away for free with a two-year contract, or you pay a minimal amount for the devices. But it's not just the upfront cost that's appealing, as you mentioned in your question, but it costs much less to own a basic phone than it does a smartphone, if you keep your services to a minimum. Using a basic phone with no data or text messaging, could save you half.

But as you start to add additional services, like text messaging and data, the cost difference is not as big. That said, it can offer some savings. And if you don't plan to subscribe to the data or you are not a heavy text messaging user, a basic phone that doesn't require a data contract is a good option. My colleague Jessica Dolcourt recently updated her "best of" list in this category.

If you want more information on each of these phones, check out her story and the reviews of these devices. It also has a touch screen that offers some icons for accessing some of the basic features and functionality. And they said the touchscreen is unresponsive. What's more, the Renue has a short battery life that many consumers have complained about in their own comments and reviews of the device.

While the keyboard is nice for heavy texters, she said that the short battery life and underdeveloped camera are setbacks.