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Grow Stone Online Price: The graphics are 2D pixel art. That includes a vast world to explore, people to play with, many bad guys to kill, and much loot to collect. You can join clans and all of that jazz as well. It worked well in our testing. We didn't disconnect and the controls are easy enough to learn.

It's a freemium game but you kind of expect that in this genre. It's good for sure. HIT Price: It boasts a ridiculously huge gear system, simple controls, raids, quests, and graphics powered by Unreal Engine 4. The developers have done a good job keeping the game updated with new content.

The recommended specs are fairly reasonable. You should be able to play this on most devices. Its biggest issue is the balancing of PvP combat. It's not a deal breaker, but something to keep in mind.

Lineage 2: Revolution Price: It does have some unique stuff, though. That includes a vs Fortress Siege mode that is actually pretty epic when it works right. You can do the usual stuff like questing, joining guilds and clans, and more. It's a freemium game. Thus, it has a lot of the same issues as all of these other ones.

However, it's not too bad for a few dozen hours of fun. Old School RuneScape Price: The game features hundreds of quests, boss fights, tons of explorations, a bunch of players, and more. This also features cross-platform support with the PC version of the game. This is a very freshly launched game. In fact, it's only in beta right now. Thus, there are bugs and you should expect them. It will get better over time, though. This is RuneScape on mobile and we're happy about it. Order and Chaos Online 2 Price: It features five races and five character classes to choose from. That's more customization that you normally see.

It also has tons of quests, co-op mode, and the usual PvP mode. It also includes a trade system via an auction house. It does have its problems, though. There is a strict energy system that contrasts poorly with any open world concept. Additionally, the UI is a bit cluttered. We're almost finished! Here are a couple more recommended game lists!

Rucoy Online Price: What can you do to make sure your software works well with the rest of the software in devices today? Android OS has been blamed for platform fragmentation , making things very difficult for developers, users and pretty much every player in the ecosystem to keep up. However, that is not exactly the case. The OS very rarely makes things crack by itself — especially for app developers. Also, the infrastructural software of Android is robust, providing an excellent platform with a well-known Linux kernel, middleware and other software on top.

The findings from this study are plotted on graphs. The dashed lines are the maximum top or right and minimum bottom or left. The circles represent outliers. Android OS versions. Many developers have experienced all of the great new features, improvements and additions that Android has brought version by version. Some late-comers have played with only the latest versions, but some have been developing apps since the early days as days of Cupcake 1.

Of course, these versions are not relevant anymore. The following table shows the release dates for the various OS versions along with their code names and notes why certain versions were excluded or were not used on the devices being tested. However, if you really want to maximize coverage, start from version 2.

Versions older than 4. OEM updates were obviously the least problematic on this version, and the majority of tested apps worked very well on API level 15 4. However, API level 16 had many outlier cases, and for good reasons. For instance, more problems were reported with Vsync, extendable notifications and especially with support for the lock screen and home screen rotation.

API level 17 brought improvements to the lock screen, and this version was generally stabile up to version 4. The failure rate went up when the majority of OEMs introduced their updates to this version. Apparently, it became more problematic for users than previous versions. The average failure percentage reached nearly the same level as it was with Gingerbread.

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Google patched Kit Kat quite quickly with two releases 4. Of those, 4. A test cycle constitutes an iteration of a particular test script executed in one app version. When an app is changed and the test remains the same, that is counted as a new test cycle. These devices were selected because they are a good base to test certain platform versions, with different OEM customizations included. These devices are not the most problematic; rather, they were selected because they provide great coverage and are representative of similar devices with the same version OS, from the same manufacturer, etc.


15 best MMORPGs for Android - Android Authority

One stumbling block with Android — like any open-source project — is its customizability, which exposes the entire platform to problems. This is a significant source of the fragmentation that affects developers. In addition to UI layers, many OEMs have introduced legacy software — tailored to Android — and it, too, is preventing developers from building their apps to work identically across different brands of phones.

Drivers also cause major problems , many related to graphics. Certain chipset manufacturers have done an especially bad job at updating their graphics drivers, which makes the colors in apps, games and any graphic content inconsistent across phones. Developers might encounter entirely different color schemes on various Android devices, none close to what they intended. Some applications require access to other apps.

Play with the settings, I forget how, but I've got it to only show things above a certain brightness. The smaller the magnitude, the brighter: Iridium flares sometimes get as bright as -7 or -8, which is friggin sweet. If you're not in a city, have a look and see if there's anything good coming up for you, otherwise you might need to wait until you get out somewhere with a darker sky.

See also, Paid Apps Gone Free http: Not to take anything away from the OP for posting helpful information or anything, but are posts like these necessary anymore? The Play Store has a specific 'Apps on Sale' section now that seems to be updated weekly. I usually browse through it every few days.

I've never heard of that section, or ever really browse the store. Came across this article on my phones news feed, otherwise I would've never known. It's cool, OP. Thanks for this. I don't regularly browse the Play Store hoping for a sale so this at least makes me aware. This link doesn't lead anywhere for me and I also don't have any "apps on sale" on my app store both on PC and on Android so I'm assuming it's only available to some users maybe region based? It's probably available only to users google has determined are significantly more likely to buy apps on sale. Basically, cheapasses like me.

I looked and I have that category near the top in my store. Painfully true, that. I only have guesses either way. All I know is that I can see that category. Just cause you already know this doesn't mean everybody does. I doubt everybody regularly checks the play store. Right, don't check the play store where you would actually download it from, check a reddit post or random website instead. Well, I just saw it on the front page.

Cyber Hunter

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